Release Notes - September 16, 2015

Tuition Plan Rates

You now have the ability to set date-based pricing on each of your tuition plans to allow for tuition to automatically change on a set date. Tuition plan rates can be created using the following steps:

  1. On Step 5 of the Setup Wizard, double-click the pencil next to a tuition plan
  2. Click “+Add tuition plan rate…”
  3. Enter the rate’s name (e.g. “Early Bird”), amount, dates during which it is applicable, and set the Active status

If a camper submits an enrollment request during the period during which a rate plan is active, their tuition will reflect that rate.

When processing enrollments during manual mode enrollment, or through the Action Menu on a camper profile, administrators can change the rate being applied by double-clicking the pencil on the Payment Information step. Users with financial permission may view the rate applied to an enrollment under the Year > Enrollment Requests tab on a camper profile, or by adding the field for “Enrollment option + bundle + tuition plan rate name” to an Advanced Report.

Product Enhancements

Miscellaneous product updates, including:

  • Campers enrolled in more than 8 sessions will display the first 8 sessions, by date, on their profile. The additional number of sessions will be indicated at the bottom of the list, which can be clicked to expose the remaining session names.
  • For camps using ACH payments, the Checking Account Transactions report now allows users to “combine electronic payments” for easier reconciliation of payments divided into multiple transaction categories.
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