Release Notes - May 5, 2015

Transportation Updates

Additional transportation updates have been rolled out, including the following functionality:

  • Camper Profile - Transportation Overview tab
    • A Transportation Overview tab has been added to the camper profile page to give daily transportation details. Dates on which the camper is being transported are indicated in green.
    • Exceptions may be added for a specific day and direction if the camper’s transportation method will differ from their standard assignment.
  • Resident Camp Session Groups
    • Resident camp session groups include an option for exclusions to standard transportation options, which can be used if specific transportation types will not be available for all arrivals and departures. When an exclusion is created, any camper with an arrival or departure date that matches the criteria for the exclusion will not have the transportation option presented on their transportation form.
    • Resident camp session groups now have an additional toggle to “Treat session gaps as ‘stayovers’? When set to “Yes”, campers will not be assigned to the departure and re-arrival between sessions.
  • Printable bus lists
    • Daily bus lists can now be printed through the bus profile page. From the Transportation Dashboard, select the bus for which you wish to print a list. Select a date from the calendar to generate a printable or exportable roster.
  • Door-to-door updates
    • You may now give families the ability to provide "arbitrary" addresses for a door-to-door bus. From the bus profile, click "Manage Bus Settings" to allow families to provide an "arbitrary address", or use a summer address populated on their profile page, for their camper's pickup or dropoff location.
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