Release Notes - May 15 2015

Door-to-Door Transportation Updates

Door-to-door bus routing is now available using the Vehicle Wizard. The Vehicle Wizard can be accessed by selecting a door-to-door bus from the Transportation Dashboard and allows you to select campers and counselors from a map to easily build each of your door-to-door routes.

Please carefully review the articles about managing door-to-door buses and using the Vehicle Wizard in the Transportation section of the Support Portal. It is suggested that door-to-door routes are built after the majority of campers have submitted their transportation details.

Administrative Dropdown Items

Items on dropdown lists now include an "Admin only?" setting to allow items to be included on lists for administrative use, but not parent or staff selection.

  • When editing values on a dropdown list, double-click in the "Admin only?" column to set a value for administrative use only. Admin-only values cannot be selected on forms but can be set by administrators editing responses.
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