Release Notes - June 22, 2015

Attendance Report

The Attendance Report is now available under Campers > Attendance. 

  • The report will give a list of campers based on date range, direction and status, along with timestamps of their check-in or checkout for the specific day.
  • The attendance report can be exported to a CSV file or printed if necessary.


Canned Letters have been renamed "Documents" and features updates for formatting and printing.

  • When creating Documents in the Admin menu, there is a new option that allows profile pictures to be merged in for Campers, Staff, Alumni and Guests. The picture may be resized by clicking and dragging the corner of the placeholder picture.
  • When printing Documents from Advanced Reports, a new option is presented to include  page break between individual documents. If set to "No", documents for each individual on the report will generate immediate after each other.

Note: You may need to clear your browser's cache in order for these updates to be available.

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