Attendance Logging (Parent-driven)

“Parent-driven” attendance logging allows primary parents and authorized pickups to log their camper's attendance using their unique PIN.

First, an admin user will set up the parent-driven logging screen on a computer or mobile device at camp. Primary parents/authorized pickups will approach the screen, enter their PIN on a PIN Pad, and then select their camper's attendance status.

How do PINs work?

Every primary parent and Authorized Pickup in CampSite is assigned a unique six-digit PIN as soon as their account is created in the database.

After someone enters their PIN into the PIN Pad, CampSite will identify who they are and then generate the campers they're associated with (that are expected at the selected checkpoint).

Please note: For security purposes, parents must re-authorize a pickup person every enrollment year. If they fail to authorize the pickup person for the current year, the pickup person's PIN will not work.

First, access the Attendance Dashboard by hovering over the Campers button in the navigation bar and then clicking Attendance in the dropdown menu.

Attendance Dashboard

From the Attendance Dashboard, go to Attendance Tracking and click Attendance logging (parent-driven).

Please note: Staff and Parent-Driven attendance logging can only be used for your "current" enrollment year. If you have 2 enrollment years open currently (i.e. you haven’t completed Step 2 of the Rollover Wizard yet), your "current" year is the earlier of the two years.

Generating the Attendance List

Before parents can record their camper's attendance, an admin user must set up the attendance PIN pad.

To do that,

  1. Select a specific checkpoint
  2. Select a direction ("arriving" to camp or "departing" from camp)
  3. Click Start logging

Please note: The parent-driven attendance logging tool only allows attendance to be logged for the present day. If you need to log attendance for a day in the past, you must do so via the individual camper’s profile page. Click here to learn more.

Using the PIN Pad

Next, the PIN Pad will open. The person accompanying the camper will enter their six-digit PIN code onto the pad, using the number buttons.

PIN Pad Troubleshooting

Forgotten PIN

PINs are located on the family's parent dashboard as well as the family's profile page (for admins).

The easiest way to retrieve a PIN is via text. To trigger a text, have the parent/pickup click the "Forgot PIN?" button on the PIN pad and then enter their cellphone number. A text will be sent to their phone immediately.

Error Message

An error reading "The PIN provided was valid but has not been activated" will display if an authorized pickup person entered the correct PIN, but the family has not marked them as authorized to pickup the camper for the given enrollment year.

To verify or edit if an authorized pickup is marked as authorized for the current enrollment year,  navigate to the family's profile, click the Authorized Pickups tab, and then click on the pickup person's name.

From the pickup person's profile, click the tab for the current enrollment year. If they're marked as authorized to pickup for that year, the tab will say Active? = Yes.

Logging Attendance

After entering their PIN, CampSite will display all campers within the family they're associated with (who are expected at the selected checkpoint).

To complete the check-in or check-out process, the parent/pickup will:

  1. Select "check in" or "check out" (depending on the direction), or select "absent" (during check in only)
  2. Enter their signature
    The signature prompt is optional, and can be toggled on/off via the Attendance section of the Attendance Admin settings.
  3. Click Submit

Upon clicking submit, each camper's attendance will be logged accordingly for that particular checkpoint and direction.

Tip: Open the same checkpoint/direction on the staff-driven attendance logging tool after all parents/authorized pickups have left to see if any campers are still waiting to have their attendance logged.

Leaving the PIN Pad

To leave the PIN Pad and return to the previous Attendance logging configuration page, click Admin in the top left of the screen.

To prevent parents from entering the admin-side of your database, a password must be entered upon clicking the Admin button. Your can customize this password in the Attendance section of the Admin settings page.

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