Release Notes - May 28, 2015


The new attendance module has been released for staff driven check-in and checkout. For camps with the Attendance Module, the Attendance Dashboard can be found under Campers > Attendance.

  • Attendance Checkpoints  should be created to tie together sessions that will be checking in or out at the same location. Each checkpoint contains one or more sessions and a direction (arriving or departing).
  • Attendance Logging  will open a mobile interface to select a checkpoint, direction, scheduled arrival or departure time, and transportation method. Once the settings are selected, campers matching the criteria will display and your staff can check them in or out. Authorized pickups may be displayed if required for the direction and transportation method the camper is using.
  • If a camper is expected to arrive or depart early or late on a specific day, administrators can indicate the expected time on the 2015 > Attendance tab of the camper's profile. Clicking a date on the calendar will allow you to indicate the expected dropoff or pickup for that day.

Authorized Pickups

There are new settings in Admin > Camper > Attendance to determine the information parents can populate for Authorized Pickups through the Parent Dashboard.

  • A setting to require parents to provide photos of their Authorized Pickups when creating them through the Parent Dashboard has been added to make it easy for staff checking campers in and out to identify authorized individuals.
  • A setting has been added to allow parents to indicate their camper may check themselves in or out without an adult.
  • If your camp is using the transportation module, you can opt for the specific direction and transportation methods for which you will require an Authorized Pickup to be selected on an attendance record.

Important: If you are using the Authorized Pickup functionality, parents should be advised to login to their Parent Dashboard accounts to provide contact information for their child's Authorized Pickups, and photos, if required.

Please be sure to review the information on Attendance and Authorized Pickups on the Support Portal. If your camp does not currently have Attendance or Authorized Pickups enabled, please e-mail for more information.

Social Media

You may now give families the ability to post a Facebook or Twitter message with your camp's URL after submitting a Request for Information or completing the enrollment form.

  • Separate settings are available for each social media outlet for each form
  • These settings are managed in Admin > Campers > Social Media
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