Attendance Checkpoints

All attendance check-ins and check-outs are specific to a certain "checkpoint" (established by your camp). Before you can begin logging attendance, you must establish your camp's checkpoints first.

  • Typically, a checkpoint represents the physical location where your camp plans to check campers in or out (e.g. "Front Lobby"; "Gymnasium", etc.)
  • Or, checkpoints can correspond with an overall program (e.g. "Summer Camp" vs. "Afterschool").

Every checkpoint must include specific sessions. When generating attendance lists, CampSite will only generate the campers enrolled for the corresponding sessions (active that day).

Click the Attendance checkpoints link to access the checkpoints for your camp. From the Attendance checkpoints page, you may:

Add a New Checkpoint

On the Attendance Checkpoints page, select +Add new checkpoint...

Name the checkpoint and specify the direction, i.e. whether you plan to log when campers arrive and/or depart to this checkpoint.

Finally, checkmark which sessions of campers you want to log at this checkpoint. Note:

  • You're able to add the same session to multiple checkpoints if needed.
  • The attendance logging tool will only generate campers actively attending camp today, so if you select sessions that don't occur at the same time, CampSite will know to only populate campers who are expected at camp on the present day that you're logging attendance.

When you're finished, scroll down and hit the submit button.

Edit a Checkpoint

Use the edit modal to change the name, direction, and/or sessions tied to a checkpoint.

Double click the pencil icon for the checkpoint to open the edit modal. Adjust the name or sessions as needed and submit.

Adjust the name, direction, or sessions as needed.

Note that removing sessions from a checkpoint will not impact previous attendance logs for those sessions.  Altering the sessions tied to a checkpoint will only impact which campers are generated onto new attendance lists moving forward.

Delete a Checkpoint

Note that you cannot delete a checkpoint for which attendance has already been logged.

If no attendance has been logged for the checkpoint, you can delete the checkpoint by double clicking the delete button.

When logging attendance, admins will select a specific checkpoint from those created on the Attendance Checkpoints page, as shown above.

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