Types of e-mail and marketing e-mail opt-out

Maintaining a good e-mail reputation means not delivering e-mail to recipients who don’t want to receive it. CampSite makes it easy to allow those recipients to opt out, while still ensuring important information about camp gets delivered.

When you send an e-mail from CampSite, you’ll be asked to categorize it as ‘Marketing’ or ‘Informational’.

Marketing e-mail is promotional e-mail sent to leads or existing customers or staff. Recipients can 'unsubscribe' from this e-mail by clicking a link on the bottom of the e-mail or by unchecking a box on their Dashboard. Once unsubscribed, they will no longer receive marketing e-mail from your camp. Examples of marketing e-mail include early registration discount promotions and e-mail newsletters.

If a recipient has accidentally opted out, you can send them a ‘re opt-in’ message from their profile page, which will allow them to opt back in to receiving marketing e-mail from your camp.

Informational e-mail is for existing customers and staff only. It is sent to all recipients, even if they've unsubscribed from marketing e-mail. This e-mail type should only be used for updates or information about a service that your customer or staff has purchased or is registered for. Examples of informational e-mail include bunking assignments and bus reminders.

If you’re not sure which category your e-mail falls into it, you should select Marketing.

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