Outbound Email Policy

Outbound Email Policy

CampSite’s outbound email service is designed to allow a camp to communicate with its campers, families, staff and alumni via automatic notifications, mass emails and personalized individual emails.

One of the biggest challenges that all outbound email providers face is having their email flagged as spam, before it reaches its intended recipient. Worldwide, spam represents over 72% of all email sent, and as such, email providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Apple) implement certain measures to prevent spam from reaching its users’ inbox. Each email service looks at a different set of criteria when determining whether mail from a sender is legitimate, most of which can be anticipated by CampSite. In order to increase the deliverability of email sent from CampSite’s outbound email service, the following policies and procedures are in place:

  • All email sent through CampSite will come from Please note, that while this is the address your email will be coming “from”, to the email recipient (your client), it will still appear as if the email is coming directly from you. The “From” name and “Reply-To” email address are set by you, prior to sending out the email.
  • CampSite’s outbound email service is not designed as a mass marketing tool and should not be used as such. This service is provided as a means of communication and a way to stay in touch with your current clientele. If you are interested in mass email marketing tools, please contact us and we will be happy to help you identify a third-party provider.

In addition to the policies and procedures mentioned above, CampSite continually stays “up-to-date” with all new developments as it relates to outbound email. Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact the CampSite office.

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