Family Profile: Home Visit & Tour

The "Home visit & Tour" tab of the family profile page allows admins to schedule home visits or tours for that particular family. To set up tour time slots, go to the Camper Menu > Tours.

Home visit

To schedule a home visit with a family, click "+Schedule home visit..."

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Notes
  4. Click "Schedule home visit" to save

The home visit is now scheduled.


To schedule a tour with a family, click "+Schedule tour..."

Colors on the calendar indicate tour availability:

Green=tour slots are available

Red=all tour slots are full

Gray=no tour slots have been set up.

See documentation on creating a tour schedule for more information.

If the tour needs to be rescheduled or removed all together this can be done here as well.

Schedule a Tour

Click "+Schedule tour..."

The tour calendar will open to the current day.

  1. Select the date you wish to book the tour for. The color of the date on the calendar indicates tour slot availability: green days have tour slots available, red days have all tour slots booked and gray days do not have tour slots set up.
  2. If you opened the tour calendar from the Family Profile page, a green box will indicate the family you are booking the tour for.

Click the time you wish to book the tour for.

A pop-up window will open for you to enter information about the tour.

  1. The Family name will appear automatically if you opened the tour calendar through the Family Profile page. Note: Double-click the red "X" if you would like to schedule the tour for a different family. If you are booking directly through the tour calendar, enter the name of the family you are booking the tour for.
  2. Select the Number of people coming on the tour
  3. Enter the name of the Tour guide
  4. Add any Notes you would like to make for the tour. Notes will also appear on the Family's lead card
  5. Click "Submit" to schedule the tour

The tour is now scheduled. The number of people, tour guide, or notes can be edited by double-clicking within the appropriate column. Double-click the red minus sign next to the family name to unschedule the tour.

Printing tour schedules and lead cards

  1. Click the printer icon to print a list of the day's tours
  2. Click the lead card icon to print lead cards for the day's tours
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