Creating Segments

There are several elements needed to create Activity Schedules - which Division(s) of campers you plan to schedule; which Activities you want to include on the schedule; and then the Cycles/time Periods of the schedule itself.

Each Activity Schedule - and all the elements needed for creating it - are contained within a Segment. Segments are created for specific sessions, and each session can have 1 or more Segments as needed. Typically, Segments are created based on which Bunk(s) of campers you plan to assign to your Activity Schedule.

For example, if you have a different Activity Schedule for younger campers vs. older campers, you could create 2 Segments: one Segment containing younger Bunks and their activities; and then a  second Segment containing your older Bunks and their activities.

To begin, access the Program Dashboard via CampSite's navigation bar.

Creating Segments

Next, click the Segments link to begin creating Segments.

Note that there are (2) different types of Activity Schedules you can create, based on how you plan to assign campers to your schedule(s).

With Bunk Scheduling, an entire Bunk of campers is scheduled for the same activity during a given time period (including all staff assigned to oversee that Bunk).

With Elective Scheduling, campers and staff are scheduled for each activity individually, instead of with their entire bunk.

After selecting the appropriate Segments link, on the next screen, you'll see a list of every camp session created (per CampSite year). Segments are created within specific sessions, allowing you to create an Activity Schedule for the campers enrolled in that particular session.

To create a new Segment, click " +Add segment... "

Enter the segment details in the pop-up window.

  1. Select which Session you want to create the Segment for. You'll then create an activity schedule for the campers enrolled in this particular session.
  2. Create a Name for the Segment
  3. Click Submit to create the Segment

Segments will appear in alphabetical order underneath the Session they've been created for.

Create as many Segments as needed, then begin managing each Segment. For more information on managing Segments, read more our other articles on managing Bunk Segments or managing Elective Segments.  

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