Camper Profile: Notes Tab

Admin users can view and record notes about a camper via the Notes tab of the camper profile.

  1. Load notes by category
  2. Add a new note
  3. Edit a note
  4. View the note content
  5. View who added the note
  6. View when the note was created
  7. Delete a note (double click)

Note Categories

Camper notes are organized into different categories (created by your camp). Within the Notes tab, notes are presented one category at a time. Select which category of notes you wish to view by clicking the "Category:" dropdown menu and select a category as needed.

To create a new camper Notes category, navigate to the Campers tab of the Admin settings page and select "Notes" on the left.

  • To manage the note categories for your database, admin users must have "Admin" permissions for "Family + Camper notes." Click here to learn more about permissions for the Campers module.
  • Each note category has permission settings that allow you to control which admin users are able to access the notes within that category. To manage which admins can access a camper note category, navigate to Admin > Campers > Notes > double click the pencil icon for the category.

Add a Note

  1. First, select the category you wish to save the note under.
  2. Next, click "Add new note..."
  1. Type the content of your note.
  2. Click Submit to post the note to the camper's profile.

The new note will be added to the camper's profile. Notes are displayed in chronological order with the newest note at the top.

Edit a Note

Double-click on the pencil icon edit an existing note. A pop-up window will open.

Edit the category and/or content of the note, and then click Submit to save your changes.

Printing Notes

Notes can be printed in mass via the Campers menu.

To learn more about printing notes, click here.

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