Family Profile: Financial Tab

The Financial tab contains all of the family's Transactions, Invoices, Credit Cards, and Checking Accounts.


The transactions tab provides an itemized list of every transaction associated with the family's account, as well as the ability to add/edit/delete transactions.

  1. Here, under the 'Transactions' tab, you will see an area for all 'Charges and discounts' as well as 'Payments, credits, and refunds'.  By double clicking the "i" to the left of each row you will be able to open a transaction modal which further breaks down each item.  
  2. We've added an indicator on the Family Profile to help spot transactions that are not associated with a payment schedule - look for the yellow 'info' icon . Note that this indicator will only appear if the family is a part of a payment schedule for that year.
  1. Double click the "i" icon to open up the transaction modal.
  2. This is the payment schedule that was selected at enrollment.  Double clicking the title will allow you to change the Payment schedule.
  3. Double clicking the title will allow you to change the transaction category.
  4. Double clicking the title will allow you to change the description title.
  5. Here you can add, edit, or delete a session or amount. (whatever editing is done to the amount the final total must still add up to the full transaction amount.  In this case 3500.00)
  6. Save the session assignments.
  7. You may 'Reverse a transaction', however if you need to undo the reversal you will be given an 'Unreverse transaction' button.  
  8. You may also delete the transaction all together.
  1. Double click the 'i' icon to open the 'Payment details' modal.
  2. Either add a transaction category or edit an existing one (remember, no matter how many categories you add, or edit the sum must equal the original charge amount.  In this case $300.00).
  3. Reverse a transaction (reversal does not return money to a family.  Use 'Refund the full...'  for returning money to the family).
  4. Refund money to the family.
  5. Delete the entire transaction.
  1. Double click to view a statement before sending it.
  2. Send a statement to the family.


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Credit Cards

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Checking Accounts

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