Camper Profile: E-mails Tab

The E-mails tab of the camper profile contains a record of all camper-specific emails that were sent to the camper's parents and/or camper themselves.

For each sent email, admins can:

  1. Re-send an email.
  2. Access the original saved email. If the message that was sent was saved in CampSite prior to sending, admins can click and access the body of that saved email.
  3. View the email subject and message. Click the subject line to view the body of the email.
  4. View the timestamp of when the email was sent.
  5. View who sent the email.
  6. View the email addresses to which the email was sent.
  7. View the email's delivery status for each recipient. Click here to learn more about delivery status.


View a Sent E-mail

Click the subject line of the email to view the contents.

  1. View the message details, including:
    • The CampSite ID number for this specific message
    • When the email was sent
    • Who the email was sent from
    • Who the email was sent to (note: CCed and BCCed recipients will not display here)
    • The subject line of the email
  2. View, if any, any files that were attached to the email. Click the link to view a copy of the attachment.
  3. View the body of the email, including the header image. If needed, use the scrollbar on the right to scroll down and view the entire message.

Re-Send an E-mail

To resend a previously sent email, find the email and double click the envelope icon on the far left.

  1. Checkmark which parents to resend the email to.
  2. Type additional email addresses to send the email too, including BCC. If entering multiple email addresses, separate each address with a comma.
  3. Click to resend the email.

CampSite will send a exact copy of the previously sent email to the recipients that were specified.

A separate entry for the re-sent email will now display under the camper's E-mails tab, as shown below.

Send a New E-mail

New emails are not sent from the E-mails tab; instead, open the Action Menu and click "Send an e-mail", as shown below.

CampSite will navigate to a new page for composing your e-mail message prior to sending. For more information on how to compose and send an email,  click here.

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