Camper Profile: Basic Info Tab

The "Basic info" tab contains basic information about the camper, including their permanent custom fields of data.

All information within the Basic Info tab is considered "permanent" in that it's not updated on a yearly basis or associated with a specific enrollment year - the data within this tab is maintained on the camper's account year after year, until a parent or an admin user manually updates the information, if needed.


View/edit the essential information for this camper.

Most* of this information is collected from the family when they initially create their family's account for the Parent Dashboard. This information is then saved to their account and does not need to be re-entered year after year (e.g. if the camper returns to camp).

*The following data is not collected from parents:

  • "Years at Camp" is calculated by CampSite, based on the number of years for which the camper has enrolled for at least one session. If needed, you may edit this value by double clicking.
  • "Ready for facial recognition?" will only display to camps who have purchased Facial Recognition for their Camp Today blog module. This field indicates if the camper has a reference photo that can be used for facial recognition purposes.  
  • "How created" is recorded by CampSite to indicate how the camper's account was created. This cannot be edited.

Editing Information

Parents can edit their camper's information from the "Enrollment" page of the Parent Dashboard. If your camp currently has enrollment disabled, they can edit their camper's info via the "My Account" page.

Please note: Parents cannot edit a camper's date of birth, gender, or grade, so as to prevent them from falsifying their camper's information in order to enroll for a session the camper is not naturally eligible for. These fields must be edited by an admin user.

Admin users may edit camper information manually by double clicking the current data on file for the camper. For example, to edit date of birth, double click the current date of birth on file.  

When editing date of birth, a calendar modal will then open to allow you to click and select a different date of birth for the camper. Once the new date of birth has been selected, click the "Ok" button to save your changes. The camper's age will automatically recalculate based on the new date of birth that's been entered.

Note that grade must be edited from the yearly tab, not the Basic Info tab.

Permanent Custom Fields

View/edit the permanent custom fields of information for this camper.

  • To add/edit/remove which permanent custom fields appear on all camper profiles, go to Admin > Campers > Custom Fields.

Editing Custom Field Data

To add or edit data within a custom field, double click the data field.

Enter new information as needed, then click the "Ok" button to save your changes.

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