Family Profile Page: Overview

  1. Campers associated with the Family Profile
  2. Gender indicator (blue=male, pink=female, gray=no gender indicated)
  3. Quick notes (Family)
  4. Family Profile Action menu
  5. Family Profile Tabs

Action Menu

The Action menu controls the majority of functionality for the profile page.

  1. Send an e-mail to the family.  
  2. Send a text message if the parent is opted in.  (please see text messaging documentation)
  3. Generate documents that have been already been created in Admin>Families>Documents.
  4. Generate labels for individual families.  (label styles are created in Admin>Families>Labels)
  5. Generate a lead card which can then be printed with all of the family's information on it.
  6. Reset the Parent Dashboard passwords for the parents within this family. 
  7. Send a text message to a parent with their attendance PIN (or reset it for them).
  8. Add a camper to the family.  
  9. Open a Google map to see the location of the family's home.
  10. Merge families together (used for duplicate families or campers).
  11. Delete the family (and all campers therein).  
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