Copying Bunking Boards to Other Sessions

Bunking boards are created on a per-session basis. If you'd like to create the same divisions/bunks for multiple sessions, you can copy the divisions/bunks from one session to another session using the copy function.

First, set up the divisions/bunks in one of your camp sessions.

Next, double click the copy icon next to the Session dropdown menu.

  1. Warning: copying a bunking board to another session will overwrite the current board for that session. If there are any divisions/bunks created for the other session already, they will be deleted and replaced with the divisions/bunks being copied.
  2. Select which session(s) you wish to copy the current bunking board onto.
  3. Include camper/staff bunking assignments. If selected, campers/staff who are also enrolled/hired for the destination session(s) will be assigned to the same division/bunks that they're assigned to for the session being copied.
  4. Click "Copy" to complete the copying process.

Confirm the copying by clicking "OK." To cancel the copying process, click "Cancel".


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