Enrolling a Camper

Use the Enrollment Wizard to approve an enrollment request submitted by the camper's parent or manually enroll a camper on the parent's behalf.

Via the Enrollment Requests page

To enroll a camper by approving their submitted request on the Enrollment Requests page, find the request you wish to approve and click the "Enroll" button on the right.

Via the Camper Profile

To enroll a camper via their profile page, click the "Enroll" link in the Action Menu of the camper's profile.

Approving an Existing Request

If the camper already submitted an enrollment request that has not yet been approved, you'll need to specify whether you wish to approve the camper's existing request or create a new request.

  1. Click on the options for the existing request to approve the camper for those options.
  2. Click "Create a new enrollment request" to enroll the camper for options other than those already requested.

Enrollment Wizard

Next, the Enrollment Wizard will guide you through the multi-step process of enrolling a camper. 

If you're approving an existing request that was submitted by a parent/guardian, the wizard will be pre-filled. However, you may edit any/all selections and responses as needed.

If you're manually enrolling the camper on the parent's behalf, you'll need to enter all of the necessary information manually.

To read about a specific part of the enrollment process, use the links below to jump to a specific section of this article:

Camper Details

  1. View the camper's basic information.
  2. View the camper's primary parents' information.

If needed, click the camper's name at the top of the page to navigate to their profile page.

Step 1: Enrollment Options

First, confirm which enrollment options the camper will be enrolled into.

If you're manually enrolling the camper instead of approving a request the camper submitted, click "+ Add enrollment options..." and select at least one enrollment option(s).

If you're approving the camper for the options they already requested, it's not necessary to add enrollment options (though you can if needed).

In the pop-up window, checkmark which enrollment options to enroll the camper into and then click Add enrollment options.

  • Enrollment options that the camper is already enrolled for will not appear in this list.
  • Options written in grey italics are currently archived, meaning they're not publicly displayed on your enrollment form. However, admin users may still select them for enrollment.
  1. For each enrollment option selected, you must also select one bundle.
    • If an option only has one bundle, it'll be pre-selected.
    • If an option has multiple bundles, choose one.
    • If the bundle requires you to pick certain sessions, checkmark the relevant sessions as well.
  2. If needed, click to "remove" this enrollment option so as not enroll the camper for it.
  3. Continue to the next step of the wizard.

Step 2: Questions + Extras

Next, review enrollment questions and enrollment extras.

  1. Answer any yearly enrollment questions and select any yearly enrollment extras for purchase
  2. Answer any enrollment option questions and and select any enrollment option extras for purchase

Only required questions must be answered before proceeding to the next step. If needed, you may edit a camper's existing responses and add or remove enrollment extras before proceeding.

Step 3: Transportation

If you have CampSite's Transportation module, the next step allows you to assign the camper's transportation for the sessions they're enrolling into.

Note: This step is optional - you may assign the camper's transportation after enrollment, if preferred.

  1. Assign the camper's transportation for each transportation session group their enrollment includes.
  2. Select their arriving and departing transportation.
    • If "bus" is selected as the Method, you must then provide the bus details.
  3. Answer any transportation questions.
  4. View their transportation charges/discounts (if applicable).
    • Charges/discounts will be triggered automatically if the camper meets the transaction criteria, though you can manually add/remove transactions as needed.

Step 4: Bunking

In the "Bunking" step, campers may be assigned to a division/bunk for each session they're enrolling into.

Note: This step is optional - you may assign the camper to a bunk after enrollment, if preferred.

  1. First, select a division.
  2. Next, select a bunk. Note: A bunk is not required if a division is selected.

Note: if a camper is being enrolled into multiple sessions that have divisions/bunks of the same exact name, selecting a division or bunk for one session will auto-populate the same division/bunk for all other sessions with the same bunking configuration.

Step 5: Payment Information

The final step of the enrollment process is the checkout step, where you'll confirm the payment information for this enrollment.

Financial Summary

First, review the financial summary for the enrollment options/extras/transportation that were selected earlier in the Enrollment Wizard.

  1. View all charges incurred for this enrollment, including tuition plans, enrollment extras, and transportation charges.
  2. Campers will be charged a pre-defined tuition plan based on which tuition plan has been built into the enrollment option bundle(s) selected for enrollment. To change which tuition plan rate the camper is charged, double click the pencil icon.
  3. View the subtotal of all charges.
  4. Enter a coupon code against the subtotal. If a coupon code was already entered, you may also remove it by double clicking the red delete button.
  5. See any selected enrollment discounts.
  6. View the total of all charges (i.e. the subtotal less any coupons/discounts).

Enrollment Discounts

To apply a discount towards the balance for this enrollment, select an enrollment discount.

Enrollment discounts are pre-defined on on Step 7 of the Setup Wizard. Custom discounts cannot be entered here - they must be added to the family's profile page after the enrollment is processed.

  1. Select a discount to apply it to the camper's balance.
  2. View the total of all selected discounts.

Manual vs. Automatic Discounts

  • Automatic discounts will be automatically selected if the camper meets the criteria to receive them. You may remove an automatic discount by de-selecting it.
  • Manual discounts must be selected by an admin in order for the camper to receive them.

Note: If any of your enrollment discounts are worth a flat amount instead of a percentage, you may select a quantity for the discount as well.

Payment Details

Next, specify the details for the payment to be made for this enrollment (upon submission of this page).

Note: Only electronic payments (via credit card or checking account) can be processed at this step. If the family has selected to pay with a non-electronic form of payment, you must select 'no payment now' to indicate that an electronic payment is not being processed. You can then record the non-electronic payment on the family's profile page after the enrollment is submitted.

  1. Confirm the type of payment method to be used for the present payment and for auto payments on future invoices (if you place the family on auto pay for a payment schedule).
  2. Select which electronic payment method to be used for payment.
  3. Specify the amount for the present payment.
    • No payment now = an electronic payment will not be posted when this page is submitted.
    • Pay deposit = a deposit payment will be posted when this page is submitted.
      • Admins may alter the deposit amount, if needed.
    • Pay in full now = a payment for the full costs of the enrollment will be posted when this page is submitted.

If an electronic payment method is selected, and a payment amount specified, the payment will begin processing once you "Submit" this page.

Payment Schedule

Specify whether to place the family onto a payment schedule for paying their remaining balance in the future.

  1. Select a payment schedule. All transactions associated with this enrollment request will be added to the payment schedule that's selected.
    • If a payment schedule isn't needed because the family is paying in full for this enrollment, select 'none'.
  2. Select whether to place the family onto 'auto pay' for the payments on this payment schedule.
    • "No" = the family will need to pay their future invoices manually.
    • "Yes" = the family will be debited automatically when an admin completes the "auto pay" step of the invoice process.
      • If 'auto pay' is set to Yes, an electronic payment method must be selected above. This method will be used for the family's automatic invoice payments in the future.

Signature & E-mail confirmation

Next, confirm the parent's signature and designate whether to send an e-mail to the parents when the camper's enrollment is submitted.

  1. The signature of the person who submitted the enrollment request.
    • If an admin is creating an enrollment request on behalf of a parent, the admin must also sign on the parent's behalf.
  2. The date the enrollment request was submitted.
  3. Select one of your saved Camper E-mails to send to the primary parent(s) upon submitting the camper's enrollment.
  4. Select which primary parents should receive the saved e-mail.
    • Sending an email is optional. To refrain from sending an e-mail, do not select a saved e-mail and de-select all parents.
  5. Select whether to attach the camper's registration contract and/or a copy of the family's financial statement to the confirmation e-mail.

Complete Enrollment

To finalize the camper's enrollment, click the "submit enrollment" button at the very bottom of the page.

Upon clicking this button,

  • The camper will be enrolled.
  • Any electronic payment will be debited and posted to the family's account.
  • The confirmation e-mail will be sent to the selected parents.

You'll then be redirected to the camper's profile, which will reflect the camper's new enrollment.

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