Medication Delivery List

Use the Medication Delivery List tool to generate a list of campers and/or staff that need medications delivered to them. The resulting PDF can be printed or downloaded as needed.

Medical Profiles

Find the "Medical delivery list" link in the Medical Reports section of the Medical Dashboard.

Customize the PDF

Next, select which medications to generate.

Choose whether to insert page breaks between campers/staff; which medication delivery times to generate; and a specific date.

Who to include?:

  1. Checkmark whether to generate data on Campers and/or Staff
    • If you select both, in the PDF that's generated, staff will appear altogether, after campers.
  2. Choose whether to generate campers/staff for the entire Year or for a particular Session.
  3. Choose which year of medication data to generate.
  4. Choose which session of data to generate, if generating by session.
  5. Select the order in which you would like campers and/or staff to display in your results (alphabetically, or alphabetically by division or bunk)
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