Medication Delivery List

The Medication delivery list allows you to print a list of scheduled medication deliveries for a specific date.

To generate and print a Medication delivery list, select "Medication delivery list" from the Medical Reports section of the Medical Dashboard.

Next, customize the printed medical profiles by choosing which data you wish to generate. 

  1. Camper info summary (i.e. profile photo, gender, age, date of birth, sessions, and assigned bunks)
  2. Add a page break between each person in your results (to easily separate one person's print out from another)
  3. Select which medication deliveries to include
  4. Select which date to print medication deliveries for
  5. Select whether to generate data on Campers and/or Staff

  6. Choose to generate data for the entire Year or for a particular Session. Selecting "By session" will prompt you to choose the specific session you would like to print medical profiles for.

  7. Choose which year of medical data to generate.

  8. Select the order in which you would like campers and/or staff to display in your results (alphabetically, or alphabetically by division or bunk)
  9. Generate the medication delivery list.

A new window will open with the printable medication delivery list based on the selected criteria.

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