Staff Profile: Basic info Tab

The "Basic info" tab contains basic information about the staff person, as well as their permanent custom fields of data.

Essential Staff Data

"Essential" information is collected on the 'Basic Info' page of your staff application.**

For returning staff, their 'Basic Info' page will pre-populate information they provided previously, though they may edit it when completing the Basic Info for a subsequent year, if needed.

Edit staff data manually by double clicking directly on the current data. Note: Age is auto-calculated from the date of birth on file. To adjust a staff person's age, change 'date of birth'.

** Years at Camp is an admin-only field that CampSite calculates automatically, based on the total number of database years a staff person is listed as 'hired'. Though this data is auto-calculated, admin may still double click to edit this value if needed.

Addresses and Lead Source

Addresses and lead source are also collected on the 'Basic Info' page of your staff application (if you've enabled these sections in your application settings).

Addresses are also rolled over year after year for returning staff so they don't need to re-enter their address each year they apply, though they may edit it if needed.

Double click the map icon to open their address in Google Maps.

Permanent Custom Fields

View/edit the permanent custom fields of information for this staff person.

  • To manage the overall permanent custom fields of information for all  camper profiles, go to Admin > Staff > Custom Fields.
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