Staff Profile Page: Overview

  1. Current year and status
  2. Hired sessions, Division and Bunk assignment
  3. Quick notes (Staff)
  4. Staff Profile Action menu
  5. Staff Profile Tabs

Action Menu

  1. Send an email to a staff member.
  2. Send a text message to staff member. (if your camp has that module)
  3. Print staff application. (This feature is currently not available in the Beta version of CampSite)
  4. Generate documents for staff members.
  5. Generate mailing labels for staff members.
  6. Generate and email a contract to a staff member.
  7. Perform an admin reset of a staff members password.
  8. Hire for the current year.
  9. Merge a staff member in to another existing staff members profile (Generally this is for merging duplicate staff members).
  10. Delete a staff members profile.
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