Family Profile: Invoices Tab

The Invoices tab provides a summary of the family's payment schedules. From this tab, admins can edit the family's payment schedules/invoices and also manually generate and send invoices to the family (outside of the invoice batch).

  1. Add a new payment schedule.
  2. Manage existing payment schedules.
  3. Manage the family's invoice preferences.

Payment schedule data is saved per enrollment year. Select an enrollment year using the "Year" dropdown menu.

Add a Payment Schedule

Admin users can manually add a payment schedule to a family's account (e.g. if the family didn't originally sign up for a payment schedule when their camper enrolled).

  • After you add a payment schedule to a family's account, you also need to manually add transactions to that payment schedule (details below).
  • A family can only be on one payment schedule per payment schedule group. If the family is already on a payment schedule for a certain group, you cannot add them to another payment schedule within that group. If needed, you can switch them from one schedule to another within the same group using the wrench icon.

To manually add a new payment schedule to the family's account, click the "Add payment schedule..." link.

  1. Select a payment schedule group
    • Again, families can only be on 1 schedule per group. If the family is already on a schedule for a certain group, the group will not appear here for you to select.
  2. Select a schedule within that group
  3. Click Add payment schedule to add this schedule to the family's account

The new payment schedule and invoices will now appear on the family's account.

  • By default, no transactions will be added to this payment schedule. To add transactions to this payment schedule, navigate to the Transactions tab. Find the transaction(s) you wish to place on this schedule, open the transaction details, and edit the payment schedule listed for the transaction.
  • All invoices will not be set to auto pay. To place an invoice on auto pay, edit the invoice.

Manage a Payment Schedule

For each payment schedule:

  1. View the Payment Schedule Group that the schedule falls under
  2. View the name of the Payment Schedule
  3. Double click to download a statement for the entire payment schedule
  4. Double click to remove/switch a payment schedule
  5. Add a new invoice (i.e. another payment date) to the schedule
  6. Edit invoices; generate and send invoices; download and delete invoices

Download a Statement

Locate the correct payment schedule and then double click the statement icon to the right of the schedule name (circled above).

CampSite will generate a PDF statement listing all transactions associated to this particular payment schedule and the total balance for the entire schedule.

The amount due for each invoice will be determined by dividing the "current balance" of the schedule by the total number of invoices.

Add an Invoice

Add another payment date to the family's payment schedule by adding an invoice. Note that adding an additional invoice to the family's schedule will decrease the amount due on each individual invoice.

Note that the new payment date will only be added to this family's payment schedule, but not to other families that are also on this schedule. To add a new payment date for ALL families, edit the overall payment schedule.

To add a new payment date, first, locate the correct payment schedule, and then click the "add new invoice..." link right beneath the name of the schedule.

  1. Select a date (on which the payment will be due)
  2. Click "Add invoice" to add the new date to the payment schedule

The new payment date will be added to the family's schedule. The star icon indicates that this payment date is not a primary payment schedule date for all families, but was manually added to this particular family.

Admins can generate and send this invoice manually via the family's profile page, or via the payment schedule page using the "Other dates with invoices" section for the overall payment schedule.

Remove/Switch Payment Schedules

Use the wrench icon for each payment schedule group to alter which payment schedule the family is on for that group. Admins can also remove the family from a payment schedule using this icon.

Locate the correct payment schedule group and then double click the wrench icon listed for that group (as shown above).

In the pop-up window that opens, select a different payment schedule to place the family on or select "None" to remove the family from the current payment schedule and not assign them to a new one. Click "Change payment schedule" to confirm your changes.

  • Changing the payment schedule will delete all invoices and recreate new ones for the new payment schedule's dates.
  • When switching a family from one schedule to another (in the same payment schedule group), all transactions that were assigned to the previous payment schedule will be automatically re-assigned to the new payment schedule.

Generate and Send an Invoice

Admins can generate and send a particular invoice to a family outside of the typical batch process. This tool can also be used to preview how much the family's invoice will be once it's generated.

To generate and send an invoice, or preview the invoice amount, double click the envelope icon for the correct invoice.

Next, a pop-up window will open where you'll confirm the email details and invoice amount.

  1. Select which parent(s) should receive the invoice.
  2. Type additional email addresses to CC
  3. Type additional email addresses to BCC
  4. Edit the email subject line
  5. Edit the body of the email message
  6. Edit the footer that will appear on the invoice
  7. View/edit the invoice amount due
    • CampSite will auto-calculate the invoice amount based on the total payment schedule balance divided by the number of invoices on the payment schedule.
    • Click to edit the amount due if needed. If an invoice amount is edited, the family's future invoice amounts will account for this change.
  8. Click "Generate and send invoice" to generate the invoice and email it to the selected recipients

CampSite will send your email and attach the invoice as a PDF. The new payment date/the invoice will also appear as generated on the family's Invoices tab. If needed, you can also resend the generated invoice by double clicking the envelope icon again. To view a copy of the email and invoice that was sent, navigate to the family's E-mails tab.

  • If the invoice that was generated is a standard payment date on which you'll batch invoice other families, and the family set up for auto pay, you can take the family's payment for this invoice along with everyone else's payment during the "auto pay" step of the invoice process for this payment date.
  • Or, you can post a payment manually and allocate the payment towards this particular invoice.

Download a Copy of an Invoice

To download a copy of an invoice, double click the download icon (as shown above).

If the invoice has been edited since it was generated, you can download a copy of the original invoice by opening the email that was originally sent, via the family's E-mails tab.

Edit an Invoice

Use the "edit" tool to alter the "auto pay" setting for each invoice. If an invoice was already generated, you can also edit the invoice amount/amount paid for the invoice as well.

Editing a Generated Invoice

  1. Edit the amount due for the invoice.
  2. Edit the amount of payment applied to the invoice.
    • Changing the 'amount paid' does NOT debit payment from the family, but simply indicates how much payment is applied to this invoice. This is mostly used when an admin posts a payment manually and forgets to apply the payment to the invoice.
  3. Edit the 'auto pay' status for the invoice.
    • No = The invoice will not be paid via auto pay (payment must be made manually, either by an admin or a parent)
    • Credit card / checking account = The invoice will be paid during auto pay, using this method
  4. Click Update invoice to save changes

Editing an Invoice Not Yet Generated

When an invoice hasn't been generated yet, you can edit the "auto pay" settings for the invoice.

  1. Edit the 'auto pay' status for the invoice.
    • No = The invoice will not be paid via auto pay (payment must be made manually, either by an admin or a parent)
    • Credit card / checking account = The invoice will be paid during auto pay, using this method
  2. Click Update invoice to save changes

Delete an Invoice

Delete a particular invoice from a family's payment schedule by double clicking the delete button on the far right of each invoice.

  • Note that deleting an invoice on the family's schedule will increase the amount due on each remaining invoice, as they'll need to pay their balance with fewer payments now.
  • When an invoice is deleted, the family will not appear in the batch invoice process along with all other families for that particular payment date.

Invoice Preferences

The invoice preferences determine which parents receive the invoices that you mail during the batch invoice process.

Invoices can be sent to any of the 4 parents that could be listed on the family's account (primary or divorced).

Parents are able to manage their invoice preferences via the Financial page of the parent dashboard, while admin users can also edit these settings as well.

For admins to change a parent's invoice preferences,

  1. Double click the current Yes/No setting and select the correct value
  2. Click Ok to save changes
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