Assigning Campers and Staff to Divisions and Bunks

Assign campers and staff to their respective groups by dragging and dropping them into bunks on the Bunking Boards page.

If you haven't done so already, make sure to set up your bunking boards first.

Select a Session

First, use the dropdown menu select a session and load the corresponding bunking board.

Assign to a Division

First, assign campers to a division by selecting from a dropdown menu.

Click the corresponding link in the top right corner of the bunking board ("X campers without divisions" and "X staff without divisions").

View each camper's name, grade, and age. Staff will include gender and name only.

  1. Click to select a division.
  2. Click OK to assign the camper/staff to the selected division.

Continue selecting divisions. When finished, close the pop-up window and return to the bunking board.

Campers and staff will appear within that division, in a section titled "no bunk assigned."

Bunk Tile Background

Depending on your Admin settings for bunking boards, each the color of each camper's bunk tile background will either reflect their gender OR their custom color for the corresponding year. 

When their bunk tile reflects their gender, red = Female; blue = Male; white = any other gender value.

Assign to a Bunk

To assign a camper or staff to a bunk, drag and drop them to the appropriate bunk by clicking and holding the camper's tile, dragging the tile to a bunk, and releasing.

If needed, re-assign campers/staff by dragging and dropping between bunks as well.

Bunk Capacities

Bunk capacities do not restrict how many campers/staff an admin can assign to the bunk; they are simply for reference.

To overcap a bunk, simply continue assigning campers to the bunk as needed. To change the capacity, double click on the current capacity number, select a new number, and click OK to save.

Near Capacity

As you near the capacity, the capacity will be written in orange.

At/Over Capacity

Once a bunk is at/over capacity, it'll be written in red.

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