Release Notes - January 08th, 2018

Today's release includes one of our most highly requested features, yearly staff applications! Staff members will now be able to submit a brand new application each year they return to camp. Although most of the concepts involved are staying the same, here are some key things to know about this change:

  • Application data on the Staff Profile will now be displayed in each year's tab. (Application data that was entered into CampSite before this transition will be available in all of a staff member's tabs for existing years.)
  • The 'Application' tab in Advanced Reports now contains subtabs for each year.
  • For camps who are happy with the 'one time' application process that has been in use until now, you can continue using CampSite's application and recruiting tools in the same way with very few changes - applicants can still apply only once, and then be rehired administratively for each year.
  • Positions, application questions and all other application setup can be rolled over each year via Step 1 of the Rollover Wizard for convenience.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions about these changes!

Also included into today's release:

  • Worried about missing an invoice batch or auto pay run? Worry no longer - all users with the 'Financial Admin' permission for the camper module will automatically be reminded three days after an invoice date if the invoices have not been generated. Similar reminders will be sent for the 'Send invoices' and 'Run auto pay' step three days after the previous step has been completed.
  • A new camp option has been added to Admin -> Campers -> Parent Dashboard - when enabled, parents will be restricted from changing their home address on the Parent Dashboard. This setting may be useful for camps who use door-to-door bus transportation and wish to prevent parents from changing their address after a route has already been created.
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