Group Profile: Forms Tab

Creating Group forms

  1. Choose whether to create a Permanent or Yearly form and click the corresponding link. 
    • Permanent forms are only completed once, and the responses provided are rolled over every year. Yearly forms must be re-completed for every year the group attends.

After creating a form,

  1. Double click to edit the form's settings.
  2. Double click to preview the form content.
  3. Double click to print all submissions that have been received for this form.
  4. Click the name of the form to edit the content of the form.

For more information on creating forms, please refer to the Camper forms article.

Viewing a Submitted Events form on the group profile

To view a specific group's submitted forms, go to the group profile page and click the Forms tab.

Viewing forms

*It should be noted that if your camp is in the middle of rolling over to the next enrollment year, meaning you have completed Step 1 of the enrollment Wizard but not Step 2. Then only forms for the current year will display on the Events Dashboard. Once Step 2 of the enrollment Wizard is completed then forms for the next year will display.

Click the name of a form to open the Form viewer.

Marking forms as received

Click "Mark as received" and a stamp saying Yes, and the date will appear next to it.

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