Creating a Package

To create a package begin by clicking on the Action menu and scrolling down to "Create package for 20xx"

Basic Package Info

  1. Set a package name.
  2. Set a start date and time for your package (this will display on the Events Calendar).
  3. Set an end date and time for your package (this will display on the Events Calendar).
  4. If applicable list the number of adults.
  5. If applicable list the number of children.
  6. If you have set up a package template you may choose it. ( you set this under Admin>Events>Package Templates)
  7. If you want the group leader to be able to see a pending or signed package from their Dashboard click this. (clicking this will allow them to sign their package agreement from the Events Dashboard)

Package Details

  1. You can either set a flat rate for the package or per attendee rate which can be split in to adult and children rates.
  2. Add different facilities from your options list. ( You can set rate type and amount)
  3. Add different equipment that you offer. (You can set quantity and rate type)
  4. Add any meal plan that you will be offering.  (You can change the number of days served which defaults to the number of days the package is for.  Also, you can change the number of people, but once again it defaults to the number of people included in the "Basic package info".  You may set the rate type, as well.)

Also, if you create a package and another group is already renting a facility or a piece of equipment a warning will be displayed.  If you hover over you will see is says "This facility/equipment is booked for another package during these dates: Name of the group that has it booked".  This does not prevent you from renting just wanting you that you maybe overbooking.  

Finalize package

The outline of the package agreement.  Here you can check to make sure everything is correct before you submit it.  

  1. You can set a deposit for the package if you choose. Also, add a payment method and charge a group's deposit.
  2. You may set up installments based on fixed amounts, or by a percentage of the total.
  3. When set click create package, and a charge will be added to the group profile transaction page.

The charge has been added to the groups profile. (if you set up installments they will be listed under invoices.)

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