Staff profile: Salary details tab

View/manage the Staff person's salary details and charges (a.k.a. salary draws) from the Salary details tab.

Basic Salary Details

Basic Salary Details can be filled out from the hiring wizard at the time an applicant is hired. Double click to edit any of the current values.

Custom Salary Information fields

If your camp has created any custom salary information fields for your staff profiles, they'll display in this section. Salary information fields are for storing additional information regarding the staff person's salary, besides any salary amounts that should sum towards their total and adjusted salaries.

Salary information fields function like all other custom fields - you can enter plain text, numbers, use a dropdown list, etc. To add or edit data, double click the current value/"edit...", enter the amount, and click OK to save.

To create custom salary information fields, go to Admin > Staff > Custom Fields.

Salary amount fields

Here, you'll find the staff person's "Base salary", plus any custom "salary amount" fields your camp has created (if applicable).

Salary amount fields are for storing different salary amounts that will be summed together to calculate the staff person's total and adjusted salaries.

To insert or edit a salary amount Double click the current value or "edit...", enter the amount, and click OK to save.

Total and Adjusted Salaries

CampSite will autocalculate the Total Salary; Total Taxable Salary; Total Charges; Adjusted Salary; and Adjusted Taxable Salary amounts at the bottom of the salary amounts table.

To learn how these amounts are calculated, read below:

Total Salary

Total Salary = Sum of all custom Salary amount fields + Base Salary

Total Taxable Salary

Total Taxable Salary = Sum of all custom Salary amount fields set as taxable

Total charges = Sum of the total Staff charges for the year, displayed as a negative number (deduction)

Adjusted Salary = Total Salary - Total charges

Adjusted Taxable Salary = Total taxable salary - Total charges

Staff Charges

Create staff charges to record any pay draws you need to make against a staff person's salary, then reference each staff person's total charges when preparing their paychecks to make deductions as needed.

CampSite also references the "total charges" amount when autocalculating a staff person's adjusted salaries.

Charges are displayed in chronological order, with the most recent charges at the top. See when the charge was created, the charge details, and which admin user created it.

In the bottom right corner, see the charges grand total.

Note that admin users must have permission to staff charges to read and or edit this section. To learn more, click here.

  1. Click to add a new charge
  2. Double click to delete a charge

Note that charges cannot be edited after the fact. If you need to edit a charge, delete it and recreate it.

If you need a new category for the charge you're creating, create the category by going to Admin > Staff > Charges > "+ Add new category..."

To report on all staff charges, go to Admin > Staff > Charges > Staff charges report.

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