E-mail Signatures

Create and save preset signatures to apply to email messages you send via CampSite.

To manage your custom e-mail signatures, go to Admin > DB Management > E-mail signatures.

From the email signatures tab, you can:

To learn more about how to apply an email signature to an email, click here.

Add a new Email Signature

  1. Click + Add new e-mail signature...
  2. Provide a name for the signature and submit

Next, edit the email signature to add content to it.

Edit an Email Signature

Double click on the pencil icon for the signature.

Then, create the email signature using the text editor.

Embed images or links and stylize your text as needed.

Duplicate an Email Signature

Double click the copy icon to duplicate an existing email signature (e.g. to save time when needing to create a similar version).

Delete an Email Signature

Double click the delete icon to delete an email signature from your camp's database.

Apply an Email Signature to an Email

Each time you compose an email in CampSite, you can apply a preset email signature to your message using the 'E-mail signature' setting.

Click the dropdown list to select any of the signatures saved in your database.

Note that the signature will not appear within the text editor for composing your message. To preview the signature on your message, use the 'Preview this e-mail' function (or, send yourself a test e-mail).

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