Staff Lead Browser

View staff who have not been hired and see their overall application progress.

  • Staff are sorted into different tabs based on their lead status.
  • Within each tab, staff are displayed chronologically by how  recently they updated their application (i.e. submitted a page). Those  with the most recent updates appear at the top).

Note: Hired staff do not appear in the lead browser.  To view hired staff, create a Staff Advanced Report instead.

To access the Staff Lead browser, hover over the Staff link in the navigation bar and then click "Staff Lead Browser" from the dropdown menu.

Add More Staff (by Status)

Staff are sorted into different tabs based on their lead status. Manage the statuses available for your staff applicants via Admin > Staff > Lead Statuses. To learn more, click here.

By default, the Lead Browser contains 1 tab for all staff assigned the "Lead" status for the selected year. To view staff with other statuses, click the + symbol next to the Lead tab and select another status.

Additional tabs will appear in your lead browser for each status.

Select the tab to view which staff have been assigned that status and see their application progress.

Change an Applicant's Lead Status

Click the Change lead status... dropdown menu on the far right, choose a different status, then click OK to save your changes.

After clicking OK, the applicant wil move from the present tab to the other tab for their new status.

Display only "New" Staff

By default, the Lead Browser will display all unhired staff within your database. This could include staff from past years who were rolled over, even though they haven't started an application for this year.

To only show staff who created their account during this hiring year, navigate to Admin > Staff > Miscellaneous and set "New staff only in lead browser?" to Yes.

  • Note this means staff from past years who started an application for this year will not display in the lead browser.

View an Applicant's Application Progress

The application progress bar beneath the Staff person's name indicates how much of their application they've submitted.

Each square within the progress bar represents a different page of your application. Hover your mouse over each square and a tooltip will  indicate which application page it represents.

  • A green square indicates that the page has been submitted.
  • A white square indicates that the page has not been submitted.

When every page has been submitted, the entire progress bar will turn a darker green color (like Kat McCole shown above).

View their Application/Hire an applicant

You can view an applicant's application and/or mark them as hired from their profile page. Click on their photo or name to jump to their profile. From there, view their application data by selecting the appropriate year tab, then selecting the Application tab underneath.

To hire the applicant, open the Action Menu and select to 'Hire for 20XX'.

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