Family Tasks Calendar

View a calendar of all the admin tasks in your database related to families.

Hover over the Campers button in the navigation bar and click "Family Tasks" from the dropdown.

Tasks will appear on the calendar on the day that they're due.

Beneath the calendar, see a list of all filtered tasks in full detail. Click on the task title to toggle open the task description.

From the 'Status' column, mark the task as completed (if you're the assignee or you created the task). For any tasks you've created, you may delete them using the delete button on the far right. Note that other admins cannot delete tasks that they did not create.

Filter Specific Tasks

Filter for specific tasks based on who they're assigned to/were created by and whether they've been completed or not.

To view all tasks, checkmark the "All tasks" filter on the far right.

View All Tasks Due for the Month

By default, the current month will display. Click the left/right arrow icons above the calendar to jump back/forward to different months.

See all tasks for the selected month on their respective due dates within the calendar.  Beneath the calendar, see a list of all tasks in full detail.

Use the arrow buttons above the list of tasks to load more, if needed.

View All Tasks Due on a Certain Day

Click on a specific date to view a list of all tasks due on that day.

View a Specific Task

Click on the family's name for the task to view the full details down below.

Create a New Task

Tasks are created from the Tasks tab of the family's profile page. Click here to learn more.

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