References: Communication

Control whether an applicant's references are emailed the reference form automatically, and customize your communication with references.

Send an e-mail to the reference when the applicant creates them on the application

Choose whether to automatically email references a link to your online reference form.

When set to Yes, as soon as the applicant submits the References page of their application, the reference(s) they entered will receive an email with the form link.

When set to No, admins must manually trigger the reference form email by double clicking the email icon for the reference on the References tab of the applicant's profile page.  

Text of e-mail that reference receives

Customize the body of the email that's sent to references when the reference form email is triggered (whether manually or automatically).

See above for an example of the reference email. Below your custom text, CampSite will autopopulate the link to the reference form.

Reference form header text

Add custom header text to the top of the online reference form, e.g. to provide instructions or context to the reference completing the form.

Reference form 'Thank you' confirmation message

Customize the confirmation message that appears after a reference successfully submits the reference form.

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