Create and manage customized contracts to send to hired staff.

  • Add custom content to the contract using a text editor.
  • Merge fields to populate data from the staff person's profile so the contract is personalized each time it's generated.
  • Once created, contracts can be generated as a PDF document and sent via email, and/or downloaded via the Staff Dashboard.

Access staff contracts from the "Contracts" tab within the Staff tab of your database Admin settings.

From here, you may:

Note that contracts can be generated via the Hiring Wizard when hiring an applicant, or via the "Action Menu" on the applicant's profile page.

Default Start + End Date

Configure a default employment start and end date for all staff. The default date will auto-populate when hiring a staff person (though admins may edit the date for each hire, as needed).

Create a New Contract

Click + Add new contract... and provide a name for the contract, then submit.

Add Content to the Contract

Next, create the content that appears on the contract by double clicking the pencil icon to the left of the contract name. 

Use the text editor to type text that should appear on the contract or paste external content using the Paste buttons.

Click + Add merge fields... to merge data from the applicant's profile page into the contract as needed.

Edit/Remove an Existing Contract

  • Double click to edit the contents of the contract
  • Double click to duplicate the contract
  • Double click to preview the contract
  • Double click on the name to edit it
  • Double click to delete the contract

Generate a Contract

Generate a contract when hiring an applicant (and attach it to their hiring confirmation email), or generate/send it via their profile "Action Menu."  

To allow staff to download their generated contract via the Staff Dashboard, navigate to Admin > Staff > Staff Dashboard, toggle "Show 'Summer info' page on Staff Dashboard?" to Yes, and then toggle "Allow staff to download contract on 'Summer info' page?" to Yes as well.

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