Bunking board

Customize how new & multi-session staff appear on your camper Bunking Boards.

Access the staff bunking board settings from the "Bunking board" tab within the Staff tab of your database Admin settings.

Indicate new staff with a bolded title border

If this is their first year being hired, apply a bolded border to their bunk tile.

Indicate multi-session staff with red dot on their tile

For staff hired for multiple sessions, display a red dot on their bunk tile.

See above for an example of staff on a bunking board when both the Staff > Bunking board settings are set to yes.

Every camper tile includes their grade and age to the right of the camper's name. Sarah Hamar's bunk tile has a bold border, indicating that it's her first year being hired. Marge Spalton shows a red dot, indicating that she's been hired for multiple camp sessions. Rob Schindlbeck has been hired for multiple sessions and this is his first year being hired.

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