Lead Statuses (Staff)

Manage which lead statuses are available to apply to non-hired staff. 

For a refresher on how lead statuses work, click here to read our FAQ.

To access Lead Statuses,  go to Admin>Staff>Lead Statuses.

From here, you may:

*Custom statuses only.
**If the status is not currently applied to a staff (in any database year).

Add a Status

Your database comes with the status of Fired, Lead, Pending and Quit. To add another status, click + Add new lead status....

Enter a name for the status and select a color.  This color will be applied to the staff person's name/lead status throughout CampSite as a quick visual aid.

Edit a Status Color

Note: You may only edit the lead status color for custom statuses your camp has created (not the standard statuses that come included).

Double click the current color for a custom status to change it.

Delete a Status

A status can be deleted from your database if it's not currently applied to any staff (under any database year).

Double click the delete button on the far right to delete the status from your database.

Editing a Staff Person's Lead Status

To edit an individual staff person's lead status, navigate to their profile page and double click on their current lead status to edit.

Or, you can edit lead statuses in mass via an Advanced Report - click here to learn more.

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