Generate custom labels that contain merged data from a person's CampSite profile.

First, create and save a custom label template that contains the data you wish to populate onto the label. Then, generate a single label for one person (from their profile page); or, a sheet of labels for multiple people (from an advanced report). 

Note that all CampSite databases come included with a mailing label. Common custom Labels that camps typically create include name tags, transportation tags, and backpack labels.

Learn how to:

  1. Create a Label template
  2. Generate a Label for an Individual
  3. Generate Labels in Mass
Printing Tip

When printing out a sheet of generated labels, make sure your printer "scale" setting is set to "actual size" or 100%.

Do not select “Fit to Page” or your device will resize the labels, causing them to not align correctly when printed.

Create a Label

2. Add a New Label

  1. Select the appropriate tab
  2. Open the "Labels" side-tab
  3. Click "Add new label"
CampSite: CampSite Admin
  1. Provide a name for the label
  2. Select the label format*
  3. Submit

*Select from the list of label formats we currently support. If you're using a different label,  click "My format isn't listed" and send us the label specs. If there's high demand for that type of label, we'll work to add it in a future release.

3. Edit the Label

 Next, to add content to the label, double click the pencil icon to the left of the label name. 

CampSite: CampSite Admin

Use the text editor to type plain text that should appear on every label. Click "Add merge fields" to merge in specific data from the person's profile page, and/or their profile photo.

Use the toolbar to stylize your text, embed images, etc.

To demonstrate, here's an example of a camper Label called "Bus Tag":

CampSite: CampSite Admin

Above, plain text (which appears in black) precedes merge fields (which appear in blue). When generated, the label will display the same plain text for every camper, but the merge fields will produce personalized data from the camper's profile (E.g. "Bunk Name: Group 7-A").

See the "Label PDF" below for a screenshot of how the "Bus Tag" label will look when it's generated for a specific camper.

Manage Labels

  1. Double click to edit the name, body, and format of the Label
  2. Double click to duplicate the Label
  3. Double click to preview the Label
  4. Double click to delete the Label

Generate Labels

Generate a label for a single person or for multiple people at once.

Generate an Individual Label

Generate a label for one person via the Action Menu on the person's profile page.

For example, to generate a camper label for an individual camper, go to the camper's profile page,

  1. Open the Action Menu dropdown
  2. Click "Generate label"
CampSite: Sandra gomez

Next, select all available labels depending for this type of account (e.g. all saved Camper labels when generating a label for a camper).

Click on a label and CampSite will generate a PDF with the label for you to save or print. Depending on your web browser's PDF settings, the PDF will either display in your browser or be downloaded directly onto your computer.

Example Label

For example, here's what the "Bus Tag" label from above looks like when generated.

See how the merge fields are populating information specific to Sandra.

Generate Labels in Mass

Generate a sheet of labels for multiple persons at once via an advanced report.

First, create a report so that your results contain everyone you wish to generate a label for. 

Then, click the Labels button above the report results.

Next, select which label you wish to generate for everyone in your report results.

CampSite will begin generating your labels as a PDF and then send them to you via email (to the address that you use to log into CampSite with). 

Look for an email with the subject line, "Your labels '_____' are ready!"

Open the email and click the "Click here to download" button top download the PDF of labels that were generated. 

Again, depending on your web browser's PDF settings, the PDF will either display in your browser or be downloaded directly onto your computer.

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