Step 5: Registration form setup

Manage the overall settings for your registration form (including terms & conditions and automatic email confirmations).

To manage your registration form setup, navigate to Step 5 of the Events Setup Wizard within the Events Admin tab.

From Step 5, you may edit:

General Options

Control whether individuals/groups completing your registration form are able to see the number of spaces remaining for your events (if your events have a maximum capacity).

Instructions + Terms

Add custom text to the top of each page of the registration form, as well as your registration Terms & Conditions (which attendees must sign & agree to in order to checkout), and the confirmation message that displays after the registration form is submitted successfully.

First, select the Group instructions + Terms or Indv. instructions + terms side tab on the left, depending on which registration form you wish to edit.

See the header to confirm which custom text each text box corresponds with. 

Automatic Email Responses

Customize the automatic confirmation email CampSite will send the attendee as soon as they submit the registration form successfully.

First, select the Group e-mail responses or Individual email responses side tab on the left, depending on which confirmation email you wish to edit.

Add your desired email content into the text box that appears.

Note that CampSite will automatically embed the name of the registration option(s) the attendee selected at the end of your custom email message. 

See below for an example.

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