Application: Instructions

Add custom instructions to each page of the staff application, as well as the page applicants initially use to create an account; the custom text that appears when they successfully submitting the last page of the application; and the "Terms & Conditions" they must agree to for employment.

Access the application instruction settings from the "Application: Instructions" tab within the Staff tab of your database Admin settings.

Use the text editors to control the instructions/custom text for each application page/area. Refer to the header above each text editor as to what it controls.

"Begin staff application" (/apply) instructions

The "Begin staff application" (/apply) page is the page that staff use to create an account for your Staff Dashboard. Since accounts are only created one time, staff will only use this page (and see your custom instructions) once as well.

For example, "To begin, please fill out the information below to create an account for our Staff Dashboard. If you already have an account, please click here to sign in."

Basic Info instructions

Add custom instructions to the Basic Info page, where applicants select which position to apply for and provide basic demographic info like their date of birth, address, etc.

For example, "Please select which position(s) you wish to apply for and add/update your basic information."

Education instructions

Add custom instructions to the Education page, where applicants list the schools they've attended, including their major and extracurriculars.

For example, "Please include your extracurriculars if applicable."

Employment instructions

Add custom instructions to the Employment page, where applicants list their current/previous employers, including their supervisors' contact information.

For example, "To add another employer, click the 'Add employer' button and provide additional details."

Certifications instructions

Add custom instructions to the Certifications page, where applicants enter any certifications they have, including the expiration date.

For example, "If you have no certifications to provide, please click Save & Continue to proceed with the rest of the application."

Qualifications instructions

Add custom instructions to the Qualifications page, where applicants use the list of qualifications you created to indicate what they're qualified to "lead" and qualified to "assist" in.

For example, "Please indicate which camp activities you're qualified to lead or assist with. Click to expand a category, then use the dropdown to indicate whether you're qualified to lead; qualified to assist; or unqualified for that activity."

References instructions

Add custom instructions to the References page, where applicants list reference persons for your camp to contact.

For example, "A valid email address must be included for each reference. As soon as you submit this page, your references will emailed our online reference questionnaire to complete."

General Questions instructions

Add custom instructions to the General  Questions page, where all applicants answer any general (custom) questions you've added to your application.

For example, "Please answer the following questions to help us get to know you better."

Position-specific Questions instructions

Add custom instructions to the Position-specific Questions page, where applicants answer questions specific to whichever position(s) they've selected to apply for (on the Basic Info page of the application).

For example, "Please answer the following questions in regards to the position(s) you selected to apply for. To change which positions you've selected, return to the Basic Info page."

Photo Upload instructions

Add custom instructions to the Photo Upload page, where applicants upload a photo for their profile.

For example, "For identification purposes, we keep a photo of every staff person on file. Please click the 'upload profile photo' button below and select a photo that represents how you look currently."

Staff application completed message

Add custom text to appear as a confirmation message that the applicant successfully submitted the final page of their application.

For example, "Thank you for submitting your staff application! One of our staff recruiters will email you shortly. If you'd like to review or update your application, click the Step from the menu on the left and re-submit the page as needed."

Terms & conditions

Add your camp's Terms & Conditions for employment. This text appears on the "Terms & Conditions" page of the application, where applicants must checkmark that they agree to your terms before submitting the page.

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