Yearly Rollover Checklist

The following items are not updated by the Rollover Wizard and may need to be updated manually after you complete Step 1: Begin enrolling & hiring for next year:

Enrollment Option passcodes + report restrictions

  • Passcodes and report restrictions do not rollover and must be re-configured manually every year.
  • For passcodes, create the passcodes on Setup Wizard Step 8, then add them to the relevant options on Step 9. 
  • For report restrictions, create and save new reports for the new enrollment year and then apply them as a "Restrictions" on each relevant enrollment option on Step 9.

Enrollment Form Instructions

  • Go to Admin, click the Camper tab, and select Step 8: Enrollment Form Setup of the Camper Setup Wizard.
  • Click the "Instructions + Terms" tab on the left.
  • Review/edit the different sets of instructions that can be added to each page of the enrollment form.
  • Check your Terms + Conditions text near the bottom of the page.

Custom Dashboard texts

Check any custom text that's been added to the various pages of your Camper, Staff, or Events dashboards for year-specific info.

  • Go to Admin, click the Camper, Staff, or Events tab, and then click the Dashboard tab on the left. Double check Financial: Parent Dashboard, too. 

Automatic/saved emails

Most importantly, review your camper "enrollment form submission confirmation" message (that's sent automatically each time the enrollment form is submitted).

If you manually approve camper enrollment, also review any enrollment confirmation emails your camp has created.

  • Go to Admin, click the relevant tab, and then click Saved e-mails on the left.
  • Emails related to camper enrollment are located under the Campers tab.

Form Settings

While the questions on a form will roll over, the form due date and any report restrictions do not.

  • Hover over the relevant module in the navigation bar, and then click the Forms link in the dropdown menu.
  • Double click the pencil icon for a form to edit the settings.

Saved Advanced Reports

  • Hover over the relevant module in the navigation bar, and then click Advanced Reports in the dropdown menu.
  • Find the report in the Saved Reports menu and change the year, sessions, fields + filters.
  • To overwrite the existing report, click the Save button.
  • To save a separate version of the existing report, click "Save As" instead.

Saved Documents and Labels

  • Go to Admin, click the relevant tab, and then click "Documents" or "Labels" on the left.
  • Double click the pencil icon for the Document or Label you wish to edit.

Transportation Transactions

For camps with our Transportation module, transportation transactions must be re-created manually each year.

  • Hover over the Campers button in the navigation bar, then click Transportation in the dropdown menu.
  • Select a Session Group in the top right corner of the Transportation Dashboard.
  • Scroll down to Transportation Transactions and add a transaction.

Health History Form Settings

For camps with our Medical module, the form due date and any custom page instructions you may have added need to manually updated each year (if applicable). 

  • Go to Admin, click the Campers or Staff tab, and then click "Medical" on the left.
  • Enter a new "Due date" if needed.
  • To edit the overall form settings, go to  the Health History Configuration section. 
  • Double click the pencil icon for the overall form page to edit the settings. Or, click to expand a page and then double click the pencil icon to edit the settings for a section of questions.
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