Transactions on the Family Profile - Tutorial Video

Watch the clip below from our Phase 4 Financial training, where we demonstrate how to create and manage transactions for a particular family via the Financial tab of their profile.

12:29 Family Profile - Creating a Charge
17:03 Family Profile - Charge Details/Editing a Charge
19:28 Family Profile - Reversing/Deleting Transactions 
21:36 Family Profile - Highlighted Transactions 
23:38 Family Profile - Creating a Discount 
23:59 Family Profile - Posting a Payment 
31:50 Family Profile - Payment Details/Editing a Payment 
32:21 Family Profile - Voiding an Electronic Payment (Constellation Payments customers only) 
34:44 Family Profile - Refunding Payments 
36:01 Family Profile - Creating a Credit 
36:49 Family Profile - Current Balance/Generating or Emailing a Statement 
39:14 Family Profile - Invoices tab (Managing a Family's Payment Schedule & Invoices) 
41:22 Family Profile - Adding "Other" Invoices to a Family's Payment Schedule 
42:08 Family Profile - Editing "Auto Pay" and Generating a Specific Invoice 
45:32 Family Profile - Parent Invoice Preferences 
46:00 Family Profile - Saved Payment Methods (Credit Cards and/or Checking Accounts)

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