Reporting on Reversed Transactions

When a transaction is reversed, CampSite maintains the original transaction but creates a new reversal transaction for the inverse amount.

For example, the above shows a $10 camper charge created on 3/23/20 that was later reversed on 4/7/20.

On the profile page, a reversed transaction appears once, striked out with the amount set to $0. 

In financial reports, a reversed transaction appears as 2 separate transactions - the original transaction plus the reversal transaction.

For example, in the Transaction Log report results, you'll see the original $10.00 transaction outlined in blue and the -$10.00 reversal transaction outlined in orange.

Summed together, both transactions equal $0, to effectively remove the original transaction from being calculated into the grand total at the very bottom of the page.

Filtering for Reversals

The report filters you select determine whether or not your report results include just the original transaction or the original transaction AND the reversal transaction.

Transaction Types Filter

For all financial reports that provide an itemized log of transactions (e.g. the Transaction Log; Camper Accrual Transaction Log, etc.), you must select "Reversals" in the Transaction Types filter in order for the results to include the reversal transaction, as pictured above.

Date Created Filter

To include reversals in your results when filtering by "Date Created", your date filter must span the date of the reversal transaction as well.

Using Layla Gamble's reversed $10 charge as an example again, the "Date Created" filter on the Transaction Log would need to span from 3/23/20 to 4/7/20 in order to include both the original $10 and the -$10 reversal in the results.

If "Date Created" was filtered for 3/1/20 - 3/30/20, the results would include the original $10 charge but not the -$10 reversal, since the reversal was created outside of that time frame. As such, the grand total of the report results would include the $10 despite that it's been reversed.

Reversals Column

For financial reports that present transaction summaries (instead of itemized transactions) - like the Camper Accrual Transaction Summary; Camper Accrual Summary (By Session or Accrual Period) - reversed transactions will be summed together in a separate  "Reversals" column.

For example, in the Camper Transaction Summary as shown above, the Reversals column reflects all charge, discount, payment, credit, and refund reversals summed together. The individual Charges / Discounts / Payments / Credits / Refunds columns reflect all original transactions (without reversed transactions removed).

As such, the totals of each transaction type (highlighted in yellow above) still include transactions that were later reversed. Only the net total (in the very bottom right cell) reflects only transactions that were not later reversed, by summing all charge, discount, payment, credit, refund and reversal totals together.

That said, the Camper Transaction Summary report is not designed for identifying the total amount of certain transaction types (like total charges or total payments) as those numbers will not have reversed transactions removed. If you need the total amount for a certain type of transaction, use the Transaction Log instead.

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