Step 4: Registration discounts

Admin users can select to apply pre-configured registration discounts when processing a group/individual's registration, in order to reduce their registration balance.

To manage your registration discounts, navigate to Step 4 of the Events Setup Wizard within the Events Admin tab.

From Step 4, you may:

Select "Group" or "Individual"

Use the sidebar menu to select group or individual registration discounts, depending on which discounts you want to create/manage.

Add a New Registration Discount

Click the link to add a new registration discount.

For type, select whether the amount should be flat or a percentage. If by percentage, the discount will be calculated as a percentage of the grand total amount of all the events the group/guest registering for.

For accrual event, you may choose to assign all transactions to a specific event for financial accrual reporting purposes. Select "None" and CampSite will automatically assign the discount transaction to all event(s) the group/guest is registering for.

Select a transaction category and designate the amount, then submit.

Edit a Registration Discount

Double click the current name, category, or amount in order to enable editing.

Make the necessary changes and then click OK to save.

Delete a Registration Discount

Double click the delete icon to remove a registration discount.

Note that deleting a discount does not impact existing transactions created by this discount. Deleting a discount only impacts which discounts admins can see/select when registering groups/guests moving forward.

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