Step 3: Transaction categories

Event transaction categories allow you to organize the Events transactions within your CampSite database. 

Each time an Events transaction is created, it's labeled with at least 1 Events transaction category. Admin users can then filter financial reports by transaction category in order to generate financial data on a per-category basis.

To manage your transaction categories, navigate to Step 3 of the Events Setup Wizard within the Events Admin tab.

From Step 3, you may:

How do transaction categories work?

First, you'll create various transaction categories on Step 3 to reflect the different types of transactions you expect to generate. Then, you'll designate these categories to certain registration-related transactions you configure (e.g. rates; extras; discounts; etc.) When an attendee registers and those transactions are posted, they'll automatically be labeled with the category you specified when setting up the transaction.

Transaction categories are also used when admins create new transactions manually (via the group/guest profile).

Add a New Transaction Category

Click + Add a new transaction category...

  1. Name the transaction category, optionally, assign a ledger code. Ledger codes are also included in financial reports.
  2. Select which enrollment year(s) the category is relevant and then click "Add transaction category" to save your changes.

The new transaction category will be added to your database. To apply the transaction category to certain enrollment form transactions, navigate to the corresponding setup wizard step and edit the "Category" settings for the transaction.

Edit a Transaction Category

Edit the name, ledger code, or registration years for a transaction category by double clicking the corresponding pencil icon.

Note: "Package" and "Event Rate" are built into your CampSite database so you cannot edit the name or delete either category.

Also, you can't disassociate a transaction category from a year in which the category was assigned to transactions.

Delete a Transaction Category

To permanently delete a transaction category from your database, double click the delete button on the right.

A transaction category cannot be deleted if it's been applied to a transaction (even in past years). However, you can hide a transaction category for certain registration years by editing the transaction category and deselecting the year(s) for which it's not relevant.

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