Step 2: Events

Create "events" to represent the different events that groups/guest can register to attend. Each event must have a specific start and end date, and can also have a maximum capacity (to limit the number of attendees who may register).

Important note:

  • When a group/guest completes your registration form, they select registration options that contain certain events at a specific rate (price).
  • Registration options are created later on Step 6. Before you can build a registration option, you need to create the corresponding event(s) here on Step 2 first.

To manage your Request for information + Direct Registration forms, navigate to Step 1 of the Events Setup Wizard within the Events Admin tab.

From Step 2, you may:

Important Note:

Events do not appear on your registration form until you build them into a registration option on Step 6 of the Events Setup Wizard.

Create a new event on Step 2, then go to Step 6 and add the event to an enrollment option.

Add a New Event

  1. Select the appropriate year
  2. Click + Add event...

Provide the name, start/end date and time, the maximum capacity (to limit how many may register for the event), and a description of the event.

You may also configure sub-capacities ("group capacities") by editing the event after it's created.

Edit an Event

Note that you may edit an event at anytime, even if registration has already begun.  Any changes you make will apply to new registrations that occur from that point forward.

Double-click the pencil to edit an event.

Edit the event details as well as group capacities.

Event Group Capacities

Using group capacities, you can limit how many attendees of a certain age/gender may register for the event.

Note that capacities only limit how many can register; they do not limit who is eligible to register.

Add a Group Capacity

Click + Add group capacity...

Select a capacity amount and the appropriate gender and/or age filters.  For example, in the screenshot above, the event is limiting only 50 spots for attendees age 0-17 as of 9/18/2021.

Click 'add group filter' when finished. Add additional group capacities as  needed.

Edit/Delete a Group Capacity

Group capacities can be edited or removed at anytime (even after enrollment has begun). 

  1. Double click the current capacity amount to adjust it
  2. Remove a capacity by double clicking the delete button

Note that group capacity criteria cannot be edited. Instead, delete the capacity and add a new one with the correct criteria. 

Delete an Event

Deleting an event serves to permanently remove it from your CampSite database.

  • If your intention is to remove an event from your registration form, you may do that via Step 6, not via Step 2. On Step 6, deactivating or deleting the corresponding registration option bundle will prevent guests/groups from seeing it when registering.

To delete an event, double click the red delete button.

When the delete button is grey, it indicates that the event cannot be deleted because it's been built into a registration option.

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