Step 1: Request for information setup + Direct registration form

The "Request for information" and "Direct Registration" forms are used by groups/guests to create their account for your Events Dashboard.

To manage your Request for information + Direct Registration forms, navigate to Step 1 of the Events Setup Wizard within the Events Admin tab.

What's the purpose of these forms?

Before they can access your Events Dashboard (including your registration form, payments, and more), groups/guest must create an account first. In order to create an account, they must complete either the Request for Information or Direct Registration form.

Note that there's a "group" and "individual" version of each form.

Group leaders who plan to register a group of people for an event should use the Group Request for Info or Direct Registration forms. Individuals who plan to register only themselves for an event should use the Individual Request for Info/Direct Registration forms.

What's the difference between a Request for Info and Direct Registration?

The Request for Info form is meant for sending an inquiry to your camp to follow up on before the group/guest proceeds with registration.

The Direct Registration form will proceed the group/guest directly to registration immediately after they create their account.

Form Setup

General Options

Both the Request for Information and Direct Registration Forms come included with sections of basic questions (date of birth, contact information, etc.)

Under "General Options", customize how these question sections display by rearranging the order they appear in and/or controlling whether a section actively appears on the form. For example, if you don't wish to collect the group leader's address, make the "group address" section not active.

  1. Click + drag to rearrange the order question sections appear in on the form
  2. Double click to edit whether the section actively displays on the form
  3. Select yes/no whether date of birth and cellphone are required on both forms
  4. Click to Save changes

Header Text

Add custom text to the header area of each form. This can be used to provide useful information, instructions, external links, etc. that you wish to present to groups/guests before they start completing the form.

Type content into the textbox and use the toolbar to format the content as needed (e.g. embed images, links, change font colors, etc.)

Save changes when you're finished.

Custom Questions

Add your own custom questions to these forms in addition to the questions that come included.

To add custom questions to the group forms, click "Group questions" on the left. To add questions to the forms for individuals, click "individual questions."

Note: In order for custom question sections to appear on the form, the "group questions" and "guest questions" sections must be active under General Options.

  1. Click to add a new custom question
  2. For existing questions, double click a field to edit it (e.g. the question text, whether it's active or not)
  3. Double click to delete a question
    • Questions cannot be deleted if they've already been answered. Instead, make the question not active to remove it from your form.

Automatic E-mail Responses

Create an email message to send to groups/individuals as soon as they complete the form.

  1. Choose whether or not to provide login credentials in the email (so the group leader/individual can access their account for the Events Dashboard)
    If included, the credentials will appear below the custom email message that you create
  2. Create a custom email for group leaders
  3. Create a custom email for individuals

Use the text editor toolbar to format the automatic email message, and/or embed images, links, etc.

Make sure to click "Save Changes" before leaving the page.

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