A parent can't log in to the Parent Dashboard. How can I help?

Make sure that the parent is navigating to the correct URL for your Parent Dashboard login page and that they're entering the correct email address and password for their account.

To ensure that they're entering the correct credentials, generate a new password for the parent and send it via email. Click here to learn how. After generating a new password for the parent, try logging into the Parent Dashboard yourself using the parent's email and new password. If you're able to log into their account successfully, then the issue is that the parent isn't entering their email/password correctly.

If you're also unable to log into the Parent Dashboard with the parent's credentials, double check that the parent's email address on file is spelled correctly and/or doesn't have a space at the end of the address. To look for a space, double click to edit their email address and arrow over to the end of their address. Delete any space(s) as needed.

If the parent is still having trouble after attempting all of the above, contact CampSite Support for assistance.

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