How do I update my camp's logo and/or default email header?

We maintain these settings for your account from our end, so please email the new image you'd like to apply as your logo or email header to CampSite Support via and we'll apply the changes for you.

See below for the logo/email header image requirements:       

Logo specifications
Dimensions: Minimum 75px by 75px. Large images will be sized down, typically to around 120px.
File format: .PNG or .JPG format
Default email header specifications
You need 2 versions of your email header - one for a mobile device screen and one for a non-mobile device screen.

Image Dimensions: 
#1: Exactly 900px wide; no height restrictions (non-mobile)
#2: Exactly 300px wide; no height restrictions (mobile)

File format (for both): .PNG preferred

Additional custom email headers

Or, instead of changing your default header, create additional custom headers you can select whenever you send an email, by going to Admin > DB Management > E- mail templates. For detailed instructions, please click here.

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