Mass Editing Data via an Advanced Report

Use the "Edit" feature in an advanced report to mass edit data for multiple campers at once. This tool can be used to overwrite existing data or add data where none is currently on file.

Note: This article will demonstrate editing Camper data, but the same steps apply for editing data for Staff, Alumni, Groups/Guests etc. via those reports as well.

1. Populate the right individuals in the report results

First, add sessions/statuses/filters until your report results populate the individuals whose data you wish to edit.

In this example, Camp Firewood is going to mass edit campers enrolled in Week 1  who are 8-10 years old.

2. Add the field(s) you wish to edit

Next, add field(s) for the data you wish to edit. Please note that family-level fields cannot be mass edited--only camper-level fields.

First, click the "Add fields..." link.

Next, find and select the field(s) you wish to edit. In this example, Camp Firewood is mass editing every camper's division name for Week 1.

After selecting the field(s) you wish to edit, close the pop-up window and return to the report.

You'll now see additional columns in the report populating each camper's data for the field(s) you selected. Note in this example, Memphis, Myles, and Manuel already have a division, while the other campers do not.

3. Enable editing

Next, enable editing for the relevant field.

First, click the Edit button.

In the pop-up window, checkmark the field(s) you wish to edit and then click "Enable editing."

Your report results will then enter Edit mode.

4. Edit the data

Once in Edit mode, you'll be able to edit each camper's value for this field directly from the results area.

You can either edit each camper individually, or apply the same value to all rows.

Note that you can overwrite existing data (e.g. change Memphis' division from Orange Group to Blue Group) and/or add data where there is none.

Edit values individually

To edit campers individually, click the corresponding field in the camper's row of the report and enter data.  Depending on the field, you'll either be prompted to type data in manually or select from a dropdown.

In the example above, Division names appear in a dropdown list because they're preset values from Camp Firewood's bunking board settings.

Each time a row has been edited, it'll be highlighted in yellow. Once you're finished editing the values as needed, save your changes. Click here to learn more.

Edit values in mass

Instead of editing each value individually, you can also set all rows to the same value at once.

First, click the "Set all rows to the same value..." button in the edit modal.

  1. Checkmark the field you wish to "set all rows" for
  2. Select/enter the value you wish to apply to all rows
  3. Click the "set all rows" button

In a pop-up window at the top of the screen, you'll be asked to confirm. Click "OK" to proceed.

After confirming, all rows will display the value that you selected.

To officially apply these changes, you'll need to save your data. Click here to learn more.

Discard changes

If needed, you can discard all changes made to the editable field(s) and revert back to the original data for each camper.

To do so, click the Discard changes button on the right side of the Edit modal. A pop-up window will ask you to confirm - click Yes to proceed.

After confirming, the report will exit Edit mode and all values will return to their previous version prior to when you enabled editing.

5. Save the data

To officially apply the updates you made to these values, you'll need to save your changes. Upon saving your changes, the changes to this field will be reflected everywhere in CampSite (e.g. the camper's profile; other reports; etc.)

To save your edits, click the Save changes button in the edit modal that appears directly above your results.

Please note that clicking the "Save Changes" button at the very top of the page will not save your edited data. You must specifically click the "Save changes" button that appears directly above your report results.

Confirm your changes by clicking OK in the pop-up window. The report will exit Edit mode and display your results with the new data that you applied.

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