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CampSite now offers a new type of camper/staff form camps can create called "daily forms." Unlike traditional forms that are completed before camp starts, daily forms must be completed on a daily basis once camp is in session.

This feature is ideal for camps needing to create a daily COVID-19 screening form that campers/staff must complete before they come to camp each day, but can be used to create any type of daily form your camp may need.

Please also note that daily forms are only available under the responsive parent and staff dashboards. If your camp is still using the original dashboard layout, you'll need to enable the new layout before you can utilize daily forms. To learn more, please  click here.

Please use the following links to learn more:

How do daily forms work?

Daily forms are available for campers and staff. The overall functionality is virtually identical to the permanent/yearly/sessions forms that you're used to, with a few new features:

  • Daily forms are completed every day while camp is  actively in session.
    Each daily form is linked to a specific session. Once that session has started, CampSite will display the corresponding daily form(s) to parents/staff on their dashboard. Unlike other forms, a daily form must be re-completed every day that camp is actively in session.
    A session is active on the "active days" between the session start and end date. If needed, you can manage the "active days" and start/end date for each session via Step 2 of the Camper Setup Wizard. To learn how, click here.
  • Admins will see the most recent submission of the daily form on each camper's/staff's profile and in advanced reports.
    To view forms that were submitted previously, you can 'print all submissions' of the form or create and subscribe to an advanced report every day. To learn more, click here.
  • You can set daily forms to appear right on the landing page of the Dashboard, for quick access.
    In addition to appearing on the Forms page, you can configure a daily form to also appear right on the landing page upon first logging into the Dashboard.

How do I create a daily form?

Daily forms are created on the Camper Forms or Staff Forms page via the new "Daily Forms" section at the bottom of the page. Each daily form you create will be presented to campers/staff on a daily basis (meaning, you don't need to create a separate form per day). 

From the "Daily forms" section, select a specific session and then click the "add new day form" link.

Configure the form settings like usual. You'll notice two new form settings here:

  • "Display on dashboard landing?" - If yes, in addition to the Forms page, this form will also appear on the landing page (i.e. home page) of the dashboard that appears immediately after logging in.
  • "Required to attend?" - If yes, CampSite will also display an indicator that the form is "required to attend." This simply signals to parents that you expect them to complete the form in order to attend camp. There's no connection to the Attendance module nor any consequences to not completing the form.

Next, add custom questions to the daily form the same way you add questions to any other type of form. To learn more, please click here.

To set up the same daily form for multiple sessions, create the form once and then use the "copy" function to copy it to all other sessions that apply.

Do you have an example COVID-19 screening form that we can reference when building ours?

CampSite does not have an example COVID-19 screening form to reference when creating your own.

If you're unsure of which questions to add to the form that you're creating, we recommend referencing the American Camp Association's guidelines for daily COVID-19 screening in their "Field Guide for Camps" at this link.

How do parents and staff complete the form on a daily basis?

Unlike other forms, campers/staff will be presented a new blank version of a daily form on each day of camp.

They're expected to complete the form on the current day, then log in again the next day and complete it again, so on and so forth for the duration of the session.

Note that campers/staff can only access today's version of the form--they do not have access to submissions from previous days (though admins do).

If you've set the form to also appear on the landing page, parents/staff can easily access the form as soon as they log in without having to navigate to the Forms page first.

The process for filling out the form is the same as usual - click the form name, complete the form, and then click the "submit" button.

How do we verify if someone completed their COVID-19 screening today?

Admins can view the form submission status from the person's profile page, and/or reference an advanced report containing a field for everyone's form submission status. Click here to learn more.

Or, you can ask parents/staff for "proof" that they completed form by having them log into the dashboard from their cellphone and show you the form submission status.

If the form was completed today, you'll see a green checkmark with a "submitted" indicator and today's date.

If the form was not submitted today, there's no checkmark or date. If you've set the form as "required to attend," that text will appear in red beneath the form name.

How do I know if someone passed their screening and is OK to come to camp?

Daily Forms are simply a new type of custom form that differs in when/how frequently the form is completed. In the context of COVID-19 screenings, daily forms do not have the ability to assess a person's responses and determine if they're "approved" to come to camp.

If you wish to review the actual responses that a camper/staff submitted before allowing them to attend camp, please see below.

How do we view today's forms?

Admins can access the most recent version of a camper/staff person's daily form via the Forms tab of a camper/staff person's profile page, or generate form data in mass via Advanced Reports.

Camper/Staff Profile Page

Within the Forms tab of the camper profile, find a new section at the bottom of the page for Daily Forms.

Click the name of the form to view the most recent content that was submitted. 

Advanced Reports

Add daily form data to a report using "Daily" form fields. Click to add fields to the report, then select the Forms tab and then select the Daily tab underneath.

Within the Daily Forms tab, select the correct session depending on which form you want to generate.

Checkmark fields within the Submitted tab to generate each camper's form submission status (yes/no) and the date on which the form was last submitted.

Please note that the 'Submitted?' status of the form is not specific to today. If the camper ever completed the daily form, their submission status will be Yes. To verify that the camper submitted the form today, please refer to the 'Submitted date.'

Checkmark fields within the form tab (i.e. the form name) to generate each camper's responses to each question on the form.

How do we view forms from previous days?

When accessing a camper/staff person's profile page or generating an advanced report, admins will only see the most recent version of the daily form that was submitted.

To access previous submissions for days in the past, admins can utilize the following features:

Print All Submissions

Use the tool for printing "all submissions" of the daily form (via the Camper Forms / Staff Forms page). This will generate a copy of all submissions from all past days.

If you need to generate submissions from a specific day or timeframe, enter a date range before printing all submissions. Otherwise, leave the date range blank to generate ALL past submissions.

Subscribe to a Report

Admins can also create and save an advanced report containing fields relevant to a daily form (e.g. the submission status; the individual responses they provided) and subscribe to that report daily.

CampSite would then email the report results to the admin every day. If/when an admin needs to access content from past forms, they could reference the report subscription email from that particular day.

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