Transportation Module Training

To learn how to use the Transportation module in CampSite, watch the training below.

In this training, we demonstrate:

  • Configuring/managing each type of bus
  • Setting up the transportation form
  • Generating transportation reports

01:18 Transportation Dashboard 
01:44 Bus Routes 
02:18 Create a New Bus Route 
11:20 Managing a Central Location Bus Route 
16:03 Managing a Defined Stop Bus Route 
16:36 Defined Stop Bus - Driving Directions 
26:38 Managing a Door-to-Door Bus Route 
27:48 Assigning Campers to a Door-to-Door (Vehicle Wizard) 
33:56 Transportation Forms (via Session Groups) 
34:27 Create a Session Group 
35:55 Manage a Session Group 
36:29 Transportation Form Settings 
42:42 Automatic Transportation Fees/Discounts 
46:13 Custom Transportation Form Questions 
46:33 Transportation Form on the Parent Dashboard 
48:17 Camper Profile - Transportation Tab 
54:05 Transportation Reports 
54:18 Turn-by-turn Directions 
55:56 Bus Rosters 
58:22 Bus Counts 
59:40 Transportation Exceptions 
1:01:13 Transportation Data in Advanced Reports

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