Phase 4: Advanced Reports, Financial Reports, Financial Settings

To learn how to use the Campers module, watch our 4 phases of training.

In Phase 4 of 4, we demonstrate advanced reports (including how to send a mass email), financial reports, and managing your database financial settings.

00:41- Advanced Reports 
01:15- Add Campers to a Report 
04:28- Fields of Data in a Report 
07:33- Group Report Results 
09:10- Filtering Report Results 
10:59- Save a Report 
12:48- Subscribe to Report Updates 
14:03- Report Permissions 
15:50- Advanced Reports Management 
16:41- Rename/Archive a Category of Reports 
17:43- Mass Report Permission Changes 
21:24- Report Toolbar Actions 
22:02- Send a Mass Email 
23:27- Schedule a Mass Email to Send Later 
26:43- Documents and Labels 
30:04- Family Map 
30:54- Mass Edit Data 
33:12- Missing Forms Tool 
34:52- Financial Reports 
35:11- Financial Report Help 
36:01- Camper Transaction Summary 
36:54- Family Summary 
37:54- Transaction Log 
39:10- Deposit Report 
39:59- Credit Card Transactions 
40:17- Credit Card Declines 
41:30- Financial Database Settings 
41:41- Financial Communication Settings 
43:21- Parent Dashboard Financial Settings 
45:26- Payment Method Settings 
46:42- Additional Financial Settings

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